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Dr. Charles J. Conrad, President

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About the Company

Conrad Consulting is a privately held company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Founded in 2000, Conrad Consulting represents and markets the broad technical knowledge and experience of its owner and president, Dr. Charles J. Conrad.

About the Owner

Dr. Charles J. Conrad has over 40 years of experience in product, process and systems research, design, implementation, testing and improvement; discrete and continuous manufacturing; automation and materials handling; systems modeling and analysis; control theory; experimental sciences; instrumentation; computer-aided engineering; applied computer technology and software development.

Dr. Conrad has extensive knowledge of methodologies and technologies applicable to the conception, specification, design, analysis, implementation, automation, assessment, improvement, verification and validation of products, processes and systems. He is also knowledgeable in regulatory and formal development processes required by the medical device, pharmaceutical, defense and, increasingly, other industries.

Dr. Conrad has a PhD in Computer, Information and Control Engineering (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), an MS in Systems Engineering, and a BS in Physics. He has authored a number of articles and presentations on a range of technical topics.

Dr. Conrad has lived and worked in North America and Europe and has managed distributed international technical teams. He has been active in technical consulting for over 30 years.

Dr. Conrad is known to have a keen, but sometimes subtle, sense of humor.

About Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is located in southeast Michigan about one hour west of Detroit. It is the home of the University of Michigan and a number of knowledge and technology based companies.